Engraved Gift Ideas for the Thanksgiving Day Hostess

    Nov 04 2013

    Engraved Gift Ideas for the Thanksgiving Day Hostess

    November 4, 2013 by Peggy

    What to take the Thanksgiving Day Hostess?

    Thanksgiving will be here in just a couple of weeks. Have you been invited to a Thanksgiving Day Dinner and don’t know what to bring? Most likely your hostess has said, don’t bring a thing your company is all that we desire, but still you have to take something!

    Why not take something exquisite that will bring back memories for years to come? Your Thanksgiving Day Hostess is probably a family member or a dear friend. Unlike other holidays Thanksgiving is reserved for those who are the closest to us, so the gift should be one that conveys this sentiment.

    My suggestion would choose a personalized crystal or glass vase, bowl or decanter depending on what suits your hostess best and have it engraved a heartfelt quote with your name and date. Over the coming years the hostess will be reminded of the good times you shared this Thanksgiving each time she sees the piece.


    Engraved Glass Bowl as a Thanksgiving Gift

    We just recently engraved a quote from T Williams on one of our most popular bowls. I am sure the recipient will enjoy this piece for years to come and it will always be kept in a special place in her home and in her heart.

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