Je t’aime forever

    Jan 20 2014

    Je t’aime forever

    January 20, 2014 by Andre

    Jetaime1Over the years, I am proud to say we’ve developed a base of loyal customers. Some clients are very predictable and you could almost set your clock by them. In November I am always confident that right after Halloween, Tracy will place her Christmas Orders, the products change, but her timing is the same. In December one company always orders wine bottles for it’s clients, and in January a non profit always orders the same type of gold plates. To our small business these repeat customers are the bread and butter of our existence and we value them highly. In return for our clients we try to make re-ordering easy and quick and always maintain or improve quality.

    At this time of year I am expecting one of the most memorable orders any day. It is not our largest but hands down it is probably the sweetest. Mid January for the past 5 years, we get an order for a crystal heart suncatcher, only one digit changes on the order from year to year, so it’s also one of the easiest orders we do. I’ve never talked to the gentlemen who places the order, but over the years I have to admit I feel like I know him.


    In my mind he is a very sweet man who adores his wife and just to be sure she knows that he will lover her forever, he extends infinity by one year each Valentine’s Day. I can also imagine his wife in 20 years, looking out of her kitchen window on a cold February day in the Northeast through a curtain of engraved crystal hearts. For the sake of privacy I’ve changed the names and the artwork some, but I thought I would share with you a picture of his thoughtfulness.

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