Sentimental Engraved Gifts Teachers will love to receive for Teacher Appreciation Day

    Apr 09 2015

    Sentimental Engraved Gifts Teachers will love to receive for Teacher Appreciation Day

    April 9, 2015 by Andre

    Teacher appreciation week is coming up in a few short weeks, it's May 4-8, 2015. This means that homeroom mothers across the nation will be scrambling to find the perfect gifts for teachers. I recently read an article about what not to give teachers, so you may find it helpful to know that teachers really don't want any more apples, coffee mugs, or homemade food. So with those items are off your list where do you begin?

    Well let's use this quote from community table as a starting point “Educators consistently said that the gifts that moved them the most throughout their careers were low on cost and high on sentiment.”

    And this is what makes a personalized gift so special. A personalized gift starts with a sincere message that someone wants to convey, that of praise, appreciation, or thankfulness. It then adds a way to deliver this sentiment that is appropriate for recipient, it could be as simple as writing the message on a note card or you could make the message last forever by having it engraved on a plaque, bowl, or vase. An engraved message will last for decades or longer, engraved glass, marble, wood or crystal - will actually out last us all.

    So it's all about the message - right? Where do you begin? What should you engrave to let your teacher know that the class appreciates her? Here are a few inspiring messages we've engraved over the years. Pass these along to the other parents, perhaps one will be perfect for one of your teachers.

    1. "No teacher has taken hands, opened minds & touched hearts more than you have Mrs. Churchill." Your 4th grade class of 2015.

    2. You inspire beyond belief and make algebra fun! 8th grade Class of 2014

    3. Mr. Humbert you expected nothing less than the best from us and always gave us your best!

    4. You open the outside world to us - without you we would be blind.

    5. You taught us not to worship what is known but to question it.

    6. In your class learning was not tiring but inspiring

    7. You didn't try to fill our minds with facts and figures you taught us how to understand the facts and figures.

    Engraved black plaque with floating glass

    8. It is often said that teachers open the door, but students must enter. You not only opened the door, but invited us in and showed us how to learn.

    9. "Learning without thought is labor lost" Thank you for helping us THINK!

    10. You taught us the most powerful word in the english language "Yet" I am not good at math - Yet I don't understand fractions - Yet I don't understand algebra - Yet We all become better math students because of you Mr. Moore Thank you.

    If you decide that you want to have your quote engraved, finalize your quote, choose a beautiful gift and spread the cost of the item across the class. Each student will pay just a small sum and the teacher will receive a gift they'll cherish for years. Depending on the size of the piece you can have us add each students' name or simply state from the "Class of 2015," or to make a more dramatic impact collect the actual signatures from each student and we'll engrave them on the piece. Either way, 20 years from now when the student visits their teacher there is no doubt in my mind that this engraved gift will still be displayed with pride. A gift from the heart finely engraved will be cherished for decades.


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