Top 5 list for how to be a good party guest

    Nov 17 2013

    Top 5 list for how to be a good party guest

    November 17, 2013 by Kim

    The holidays are coming, which means it’s party time! And with that in mind, we’ve put together a Top 5 list for how to be a good party guest. You can thank us when you get invited back next year.

    1. RSVP By The Date Indicated On the Invitation

    Your hostess has gone to a lot of trouble to entertain and feed you in the spirit of the season, and you don’t want to throw a wrench in her plans. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but everything your hostess does hinges on the number of people in attendance. Please be respectful of her efforts.

    2. Ask Your Hostess if You Can Bring Anything

    Always, ALWAYS offer to bring something. If your hostess declines your culinary contribution, don’t insist. She may have a good reason. Either your Oreo-Cookie Surprise clashes with the rest of her menu or she’s already making that for dessert. Instead, you could offer to bring a decoration or serving item. I am famous for never having enough serving plates. And if you want your item to double as a hostess gift (see #4), a crystal bowl can be engraved with the occasion and date.


    3. Be On Time

    There is no such thing as fashionably late for a dinner party. Don’t ruin the meal by making people wait for you because you wanted to catch the end of the game.

    4. Present Your Hostess with a Hostess Gift

    It’s always en vogue to give a hostess gift. Some great ideas include a personalized tea box with a warm and cozy selection of winter teas, personalized crystal ornaments, or an engraved hand-finished, hardwood pepper mill.

    Engraved Pepper Grinders

    5. Be Sociable

    You’ve seen him. The wallflower who makes the hostess uncomfortable. She wants to ensure he is having a good time, but she has so many other hostess responsibilities that she can’t afford to give him her undivided attention. Don’t be that guy. Better yet, if you see that guy, chat him up. He just may be the most interesting person at the party. And if he’s not, you still get a gold star for your party participation.

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