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Do You Have a Large Amount of Text to Engrave?

April 24th, 2014 by

You would be surprised at how often we receive orders with large amounts of text.  When we first started engraving, it seemed that people would request us to engrave a name & date, perhaps a line saying Congratulations or Happy Birthday.   However now the trend is definitely towards longer texts.   In part this is probably due to technology, with computer generated images, lasers and better stencil materials, engravers are able to accommodate these type of requests quite easily.

So how much is a large amount of text?  We don’t have any set rules that over 4 lines or a certain character count it is considered a large amount of text.    However here are some examples of instances when we often see 6-12 lines, or more

  •  Engraving a favorite quotes or poems
  •  Company Mission Statements
  •  Wedding Vows
  •  Bible Verses
  •  Memorial Verses

Once you decide on your text then choose your piece.  A common misconception is that once you have a large amount of text you have to choose a plaque – this of course is an option, but not a necessity.   Here are a few pieces that can easily accommodate large amounts of text.


The proofing process is always important, but even more so with large amounts of text.  The graphic artist will layout the artwork and make sure it will fit well on the gift.  If there is a question about whether or not it will engrave well, they ask the engravers directly.

If the font is too small the letters will not appear clean – this is something we are very careful to avoid, sometimes we will suggest another font or if needed we may have to suggest a larger piece or reduce the text.    Once the font, layout and piece are all set it is important to double check and triple check all spelling and typing.  One misplace letter can ruin a beautiful piece, that is why we always ask you to proof our artwork.

If you have any questions about engraving large amounts of text or on engraving in general please feel free to contact me.

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