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March 31st, 2014 by

Teacher appreciation week will be here soon (the week of May 5th, 2014) and this year I must pay special attention.  As homeroom parent, one of my responsibilities is to coordinate gifts for the teacher.   When you see how hard teachers work and how much they have to deal with not only from the children, but the parents and the administrators you really do learn to appreciate their hard work.

Teacher Appreciation Week is an opportunity for parents, students, and school administrators to express their heartfelt thanks for the care and effort our teachers put into molding our youngsters’ minds. It is hard work, and it deserves to be celebrated.

Often, the school will have guidelines for ideas and budgets for teacher gifts. Check with your child’s school to ensure that your gift is appropriate for the occasion. After asking a few of my teacher-friends about their gift preferences, I came to the conclusion that less is more (in terms of cash, not sentiment). Going overboard with expensive gifts can make your child’s teacher uncomfortable, and that should never be the intention behind a gift…EVER.  However there a number of gifts ranging from crystal apple paperweights to engraved chessboards that are mid-priced.

As a way to avoid any politics in the classroom, a great idea is to have all the students in the class contribute whatever they can afford to one gift for the teacher. I remember a few years back, my son and his fellow students contributed to a comfy rocking chair for the teacher to sit in while reading to the class. She loved it!  Another idea would be to have all the students chip in and give the teacher something she could remember the by, what could be more appropriate than an apple shaped cheeseboard engraved with each of the students names?   

Engraved Apple Shaped Cheeseboard

Personally I think one nice present from the whole class would be most appreciated by any teacher.

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