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The Perfect Custom Engraved Gift for the Home Chef!

April 9th, 2014 by

I  don’t know about you, but in our house cooking is the main event.   We enjoy trying different recipes and frequently use recipes from England, India, Thailand, Mexico, Germany Italy, the Middle East – and well basically all over the world.

One of the most annoying things is to be in the middle of cooking a complicated dish only to find out that a moderately hot oven is needed, what the heck is a moderately hot oven? Or better yet a British gas mark of of 5?  Even simple calculations like converting 190 Celsius to Fahrenheit can be annoying when are just trying to bring a meal together.

So we decided to put our lasers to use and create something we would find helpful at home.  For a week we paid attention to the types of measurement conversions we typically run across when cooking.   For example converting grams to ounces,  cups to milliliters,  and Celsius to Fahrenheit.  Then after some research on various internet sites we created these charts and laser engraved them on 9” x 12” wooden plaques.

We ended up with these 4 basic Conversion Charts

  1. Oven Temperatures – Conversion tables for Fahrenheit, Celsius and the British Gas Mark.
  2. Length and Weight – Conversions between metric and US weights.
  3. Volume Charts – Conversion between metric and US teaspoons, ounces, cups, and milliliters and liters
  4. Conversion Values – Conversion Values to change ounces to grams, cups to grams, liters to quarts.

These four plaques now hang in our kitchen and are referred to often.  Every visiting cook, mother, mother-law, brothers and friends have all found them helpful, so helpful in fact that in order to take the pictures for this article we had to wipe off the greasy finger prints.

Wall of Laser Engraved Conversion PlaquesThese engraved kitchen plaques are on our new website as well as an option to engrave the conversion tables on wooden cutting boards.    Please keep in mind we are custom engravers, not the bureau of standard measures or ISO, so if you would like these engraved for you and think one of our conversions is in correct, just let us know.  If you would like different conversions, provide us the information and we’ll engrave it for you.

These engraved woooden plaques are also great gifts for house warnings, Thanksgiving, tailgating parties, Mother’s Day Gifts – the list goes on and on.  There is room on the top for custom text, company logos and artwork or plenty of room to congratulate someone on their new home or wish someone a “Merry Christmas!” Just think of who likes to cook, add in your personal message and you’ll have a fantastic gift.

As always we will send you a proof before we engrave.

Bon Appetit!

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