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Coffee Mugs, Cutting Boards, and Plaques. Oh My!

July 1st, 2013 by


So, this month, I have to buy a birthday gift for my nephew, a birthday gift for my brother-in-law, and gift for my sister who just landed a great job after months of looking. That’s enough gift-giving to make a person dizzy! Sometimes it’s tempting to give in to the gift-card craze sweeping the nation, but I just can’t in good conscience give a gift that shows so little originality.

All of the people I mentioned above are important enough for me to devote a whole weekend to choosing their perfect gifts. Not all of the gifts can be purchased in the same place. My nephew is only two so I will likely end up at Toys R Us for his gift. His baseball fanatic, home-entertaining father, however, will get a kick out of this Engraved Baseball Shaped Cutting Board – Homerun!

And for my sister, even though a gift isn’t necessary I would like to give her something to congratulate her on her new position.  I think I will opt for a personalized coffee mug engraved with one of her favorite quotes.  “The way of progress is neither swift nor easy.” M. Curie.  This will look great on her new desk and give her something to smile at throughout the day.

Custom Engraved Coffee Mug

Custom Engraved Coffee Mug

The Takeaway:

Stay focused. When you have a lot of gifts to buy, it’s easy to get confused. Just remember each person on your list is an individual and each gift should reflect that.

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