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Engraved 3 Liter Bottle of Wine – One of My Favorites

February 26th, 2014 by

engravedWineBottleI was looking through some pictures this morning and ran across a picture of a wine bottle we did a few years back.  This wine bottle was produced for a local organization to raffle off for a fundraiser.

Although it is hard to tell from the picture I remember that this was a 3 liter bottle of wine and the engraving wrapped completely around the bottle.  The amount of detail that went into this project was quite amazing.

First the artwork was designed, then it was deep engraved into the wine bottle – being careful of course not to go too deep, 3 liters of wine is a lot of wine to have running onto the floor.  After it was engraved the painting process began, each flower, leaf and fairy wing were hand painted with care.  The painting process was paced over a few days for colors to dry fully before moving on to the next area.  For the finishing touch the top of the bottle was dipped in a hard yellow sealing wax.

Over the years we’ve done a number of intricately engraved wine bottles, some where detailed logos others architectural renderings, we’ve even done IPO stock options, however my personal favorites have always been for fundraising organizations.  The bottles we do for fundraising allow for greater creativity.  We are not trying to match logo colors or the exact angle of a building, we have the chance to work with the client to come up with a design that is in the spirit of their fundraiser but with some poetic license to really show off our skills.

I’ve been to a number of the events where they have auctioned off the bottles and was very pleased to see how much money they raised.    This particular bottle was purchased by a law firm to support the organization and still is displayed in their office.   Ten years later and the coloring and wax are still vibrant.



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  1. JJ Smith says:

    I’ve used these type of bottles for fundraisers at my daughter’s school. They are very popular.

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