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Give New Homeowners a Gift you’ll be Proud of and Keep Them Thinking of You.

October 13th, 2014 by

Welcome your clients to their new home by giving them a personalized engraved gift they’ll adore for years and years.  A gift that will remain beautiful, reminding them of you and your outstanding service.  Quality engraved gifts do not fade or wither.  Although gift baskets and flowers are beautiful, they will only last a few days.  An engraved crystal decanter or laser engraved cheese board will maintain it’s message forever.  So even if it’s 5 or 10 years later, the client will remember you and even have your phone number if you have it engraved on the gift.

We offer a wide range of gifts realtors can choose to best match their gifts to their clients. Recently a realtor ordered one of our newer products, an engraved golf bag cheese board.   This was the perfect gift for her client who just purchased a house on the golf course.  We provided a number of proofs so that she could combine her logo, phone number and words of Congratulations exactly the way she wanted on this beautiful and useful gift.    The realtor called us the other day, the laser engraved cheese board was a hit with the new homeowner and it will be cherished and used for years.  As an added bonus the realtor’s name and phone number are always handy when they need to reach her or refer her to one of their friends.

Here are five gift ideas that will keep your name and phone number in front of your client for years and years.  If you are striving to build a client base, engraved gifts will provide you with a positive ROI.

  1. Engraved Wine Bottles.  Choose one of our house designs or provide us with custom artwork.  Shown here is a bottle engraved with our starfish house artwork on the front and logo and real-estate agent contact information on the back. engraved front and back realty wine bottle
  2. Personalized Cheese Board Shaped like a Golf Bag. This golf themed cheese board is engraved welcoming the couple to their new home with the logo and contact information to the relatorengraved golf bag cheese board
  3. Engraved Crystal Bowls, are a wonderful center piece for any home, add your warm wishes and information to make it the perfect gift.
  4. VirginiaFootedBowl_mainPersonalized Crystal Decanters, or choose from one of beautiful decanters a beautiful addition to any home bar.
  5. Mediterranean_decanter_largeLaser Engraved Knife Sets, another useful and appropriate gift for any new homeowner.  A useful gift that can be laser engraved with your best wishes and contact information.steak knives_large

3 responses to “Give New Homeowners a Gift you’ll be Proud of and Keep Them Thinking of You.”

  1. Harry Newman says:

    Awesome customization ideas for the products, their is a wide range of products to choose from !

  2. As a Realtor of higher end homes I am always looking for unique gifts – these are great

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The beautiful vase and gift box arrived on Wednesday evening just in time for our luncheon on Thursday, Nov 1st. We were all very pleased with the quality of your work and elegant presentation of this special gift for our friend. With much appreciation and warmest regards,
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