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Match Day Gifts – You’ve been Matched with a Personalized Engraved Gift

March 18th, 2020 by

The 3rd Friday of March is coming up very soon and tens of thousands of 4th-year medical school students across the United States will find out at 12 noon where they will go for their residency.  This means that they could be moving across the country or simply across town, it depends where the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) places them.  If your friend or family member is waiting on the results of this year’s match, you know first hand how nerve-racking this process is.  Where a doctor does their residency is the single most important step in their career. Adding to the tension, once they open the envelope that announces which residency program has matched with them they are legally bound to accept.

So get ready to celebrate this monumental occasion with a gift that reflects how proud you are of their accomplishment and one that will inspire them for the rest of their career.  Give a meaningful heartfelt gift, one that is personalized just for them.  You know what inspires them, gave them anxiety, or gives them hope, use this information to create a gift that is not only beautiful but meaningful.

5 Meaningful Match Day Gifts for the “Future Doctor”

Engraved Crystal Clock Celebrating Match Day

12:00pm: Match time!

It is 12:00 pm on Friday: Match Day at last! If for the past 30 days your friend (the 4th year medical student) has not taken their eyes off the clock and complained continuously that time has slowed to a complete standstill, the perfect gift might be an engraved clock.  You know all about the interviews they went on, their travels, and how they have not so patiently been waiting for match day.   Use this information to decide what to have engraved, it might be a special quote, an inspirational theme song title, your words of congratulations and praise, or simply their name and the name of their residency program school.  Once your message is engraved deep into the crystal of this beautiful clock, it will stay with them throughout their career as a constant reminder of their success and your friendship.
Engraved Match Day Glass Picture Frame

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Match Day has been years in the making for the 4th year medical student, help them hold onto it forever with a picture frame deep engraved with a personalized message.  This contemporary styled picture frame in jade crystal has a simple, modern design with gentle curves, but what really makes this gift extraordinary is the picture you will add and the message you have engraved. Include a picture of the “future doctor” and their favorite little sister who came to match day (even though she wasn’t supposed to) or of their great aunt who inspired them.  Include a message that congratulations them and lets them know how proud you are of them and their tremendous commitment and dedication to becoming a physician.  This gift will be one that they hold dear and cherish for years. 
Engraved 5 Piece Decanter Set for Match Day

Celebrate in Style

Only special people are able to persevere through the challenges of medical school, so be sure to give a Match Day gift that is remarkable as they are. If the medical student on your list enjoys the finer things in life, like a good whiskey, then a personalized decanter set is the perfect gift.  This 5-piece decanter set with unique bubble design in the base of the decanter and the tasting glasses is an eye-catching set that will celebrate not only today’s success but also all the fantastic events yet to come.  Have the decanter engraved with the logo of their school, their program, and their name or a special message or quote just from you. This gift will accompany them not only through their residency but for the rest of their career. 
Engraved Glass Plaque with Match Day Letter

Match Day Announcement

The tension and agony of the past 30 days, will finally come to an end on Match Day when medical students learn where they will be doing their residency. After 4 intense years of study and 30 days of waiting and wondering what part of the country they will be going to and where they will live, 4th-year medical students receive an envelope with the information about the next step in their career. Capture this moment in time by having their match information engraved in a plaque that they can proudly display.

  • Title: “2019 Match Results”
  • Dated: March 15, 2019
  • AAMC ID:  eight-digit number
  • School Code:  two or three-digit code for your medical school
  • Applicant Name:  full name
  • A friendly message: “Congratulations, you have matched!”
  • Program Code:  ten-digit number for each residency program
  • Program Name: Program Specialty (i.e. Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology, etc.)
  • Institution Name: The institution for residency training


Engraved Art Glass Vase for Match Day Gifts

Celebrate and Inspire

“Congratulations, you have matched” are the 4 words every 4th-year medical student has been waiting to read for weeks.  But as soon as they read those welcomed words each future doctor knows what lies ahead. Medical residency will be difficult and challenging.  So be sure to give the new MD or DO a gift on Match Day that will congratulate them on their acceptance to a program as well as inspire them for the next few years of intense training. Engrave a few lines of congratulations and inspiration on this beautiful art glass vase that they can display with pride and keep with them throughout their career.

Listed above are 5 gift ideas for Match Day, we have thousands more.  Check out our website for other personalized-engraved-gifts

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