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Top Trends in Personalized Gift Giving

January 9th, 2011 by

Top Trends in Personalized Gift Giving

The overlying trend in personalized gift giving has been that gifts have become very personal. Instead of just the usual awards engraved with a name and a date we are receiving orders demanding a much more personal touch. Listed below are 5 examples of these trends.

Poems…many people are are placing orders to have their original poems or other poetry engraved in crystal vases, marble plaques, plates, and wine bottles. These poems are often romantic or heartfelt poems honoring a family member or other loved one. And although we do not charge by letter or line, there is an additional charge when we engrave a 25 line poem rather than the usual 4-5 lines of text.

Engraved Caricatures…in 2010 we created a new line introducing engraved caricatures. Customers can simply email us a picture and our caricature artist will create a sketch. We’ll send you an email proof and fine tune the caricature, once the design has been finalized we will engrave and hand paint the caricature into wine bottles or black marble plaques. Although this is a new product line we have had tremendous success. In 2011 we look forward to expanding this line.

Personalized Glassware / Mugs…people no longer seem to be content with mugs and wine glasses with the standard “World’s Greatest Boss.” Today they prefer to write their own message; “Jamey, you are the best boss, thanks for your help with the ‘Magic Project.’” We are happy to engrave personalized messages in all types of glassware.

Engraved Vases…beautiful vases are hard to find and even harder to find if you want to have something engraved on them. The vase has to provide an area large enough to allow for engraving and be designed well. We’ve been expanding our vase line over the past 3 years and currently

offer over 50 different styles of vases all suitable for engraving.

Customized artwork…over the past 6 months we’ve notice an increase in our customized artwork not just the typical logos and clipart. Customers are requesting that we engrave designs that are special to them, such as family crests, specific designs for weddings and anniversaries, even book covers. we will work with you on your custom design to make it suitable for engraving.

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