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What’s Your Gift-Giving Style?

August 12th, 2013 by

Having been on vacation for the past two weeks I have had time to reflect about a number of things.  Of course one was about gift giving.

The tradition of giving gifts can be traced back as far as the early Romans. The ancient Roman festival Saturnalia, held in honor of the diety Saturn, included gift-giving as a central part of the celebration. For the purposes of this celebration, the gifts were simple tokens rather than expensive, elaborate bestowals, and interestingly, it was common practice for these gifts to be accompanied by a verse. These folks understood the power of words to enhance and personalize the gift-giving experience!

engraved wooden peppergrinders

This got me to thinking, what else influences the practice of gift-giving? I have a friend whose motto is “When in doubt, get the big guns out!” In other words, if she can’t decide on a specific gift, she buys the most expensive item in the store. She figures for what she lacks in familiarity, she can make up for with cash. Not the way I would approach it, but it works for her. And of course there are the last minuters, the gift-carders, the old-school mall walkers, and the online shoppers. I personally am the agonize-over-the-perfect-gift-and-then-repeat-ad nauseum-that-they-can-always-return-it-if-they-don’t-like-it type. But that just goes with my neurotic personality! No matter what your style or the occasion, with a little thought and ingenuity you can find a unique gift that expresses exactly how you feel. Going to a housewarming party? Our chic Olive Oil and Modena Vinegar sets can be etched with warm sentiments of happy memories to come in the new abode.

ThankYou3_350 Engraved Wine Bottle

Labor Day Celebration? Don’t go empty-handed. Present your host with an engraved wine bottle and you’re sure to hear oohs and ahhhs to rival those of any fireworks display!  My theory on gift-giving style: You can be true to who you are, embrace what makes you unique, and still give that personal touch that will make your gift stand out from the crowd. Like they say–When in Rome…

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