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Will You Marry Me?

February 21st, 2011 by

Will You Marry Me?

Looking for a unique way to ask someone to marry you?  Google the iconic words “Will You Marry Me?” and within minutes you will find a number of suggestions.  Here are 3 interesting ones I found:

  1. There’s a book on the subject. “ Will You Marry Me?:  Seven Centuries of Love” by Helene Scheu-Riesz.
  2. For a  high tech solution be sure to visit “Katie will you marry me” at Gizmodo
  3. And the stalker approach, written about in the NY times.

With this in mind I realized that we’ve seen a few unique ideas come through our workshop as well. 

Engraved Plates

One gentleman had us engrave a poem asking his love to marry him on a plate.  His plan was to take his girlfriend to her favorite restaurant and serve desert on the engraved plate.  Once she finished her dessert she would see his proposal.   It was a great idea, I hope it worked.  I couldn’t help but think that the lighting in the restaurant had better be good and that she ordered the type of dessert that wouldn’t mess up the bottom of the plate – like a cookie!

Engraved Wine Bottles

 We’ve engraved a number of wine bottles with the simple words “Katie, Suzie, Tim.., Will You Marry Me?”  Some people have chosen romantic clipart to go along with the bottle others just preferred to have the words engraved.  I am not sure whether they planned on having the waiter open the bottle at the table and wait for the reaction or if they were just going to hand it to the recipient, perhaps in some cases they had it delivered.

Engraved Vases

Actually that was the plan behind one recent idea.  A client’s idea was to engrave “Will You Marry Me?” in a vase and have it delivered with a bouquet of roses.  This gentleman also had us engrave a short poem that had special significance to his love into the vase and “Will You Marry Me?”  He planned to have a local florist deliver the flowers in the vase and hold his breath until the phone rang.

One advantage to having your proposal engraved into a vase, plate or wine bottle is that it becomes a wonderful keepsake.  Not that you would ever forget the day you propose or were proposed to, but a visual reminder is a wonderful thing.  You might even consider having the date engraved – with time dates begin to fade!

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